Peace Out

Peace Out

Peace Out is currently available on iTunes, and on DVD from Canada’s  terrific — Indiecan Entertainment . The film continues to be invited to international film festivals. Especially exciting are the many educational institutions and organizations such as the Sierra Club that are making use of the film to assist the ongoing debate on energy policy.

Peace Out has been selected at festivals in Kansas, Tacoma, the American Conservation Festival in West Virginia, the Reel Earth Enviromental Film Festival in New Zealand, the Environmental Film Festival in Washington DC, and was nominated for Best Feature Documentary at the Director’s Guild Awards.


Tina Schliessier, Producer

Peace Out was the only film from B.C. selected for 2012 Hot Docs, North America’s largest documentary festival, where all 3 of our screenings were sold out. The audience response was enthusiastic — long Q&A sessions, and very good reviews

The jury chose Peace Out to receive the ‘Special Jury Award — Canadian Feature’ which includes a cash prize. This award is one of only seven given out to films in the program of 189 films that screened to this year’s record-breaking audience of over 165,000 attendees.

Hot Docs Jury Prize

RED DEER PRESS chose the occasion to make official the announcement that they’re publishing our new book - Peace Out.

Athens International Film Festival 2012Peace Out was invited to the ATHENS INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL.  Athens, Ohio that is. Nonetheless it was a wonderful festival in a beautiful town, the audience was great and there was a pretty good Greek restaurant. 

The film has played at quite a number of smaller film festivals like the Haida Gwaii, the Cowichan Aboriginal, Salt Spring and so on. These festivals aren’t Sundance, but the people tend to be wonderful, the locations are inspiring, and we always come away with new friends.

The world premiere at the Vancouver International Film Festival on October 4th, 2011 played to a sold out theater.

Best documentary of 2011, VIFF

3 additional screenings were scheduled, and the film was again awarded

ALFF 2012 Audience Choice
Next, the film played at the wonderful Available Light Film Festival where it won.
Global Vision Film Festival
Peace Out was selected as the Opening Night Film to see.

What Critics have to say


"Peace Out takes you by surprise and leaves you breathless. This film demands to be seen..."
Greg Klymkiw, Film Corner

"Admirably even-handed… concisely structured and free of alarmist rhetoric"
Adam Nayman, The Grid - Toronto

"A resplendent and smart contribution to the energy debates"
Ezra Winton, ArtThreat - Toronto

"This isn't just another environmental advocacy film. Peace Out is a beautifully made film, visually dynamic with a great score and evocative, unexpected images of the planet's energy economy. It's a thoughtful, clear-eyed exploration of an issue that always ends in costs, trade-offs, and least-bad options."
Benjamin Aldrit, NS News

"Peace Out will cause you to consider the larger picture of resource use from a global perspective."
Sierra Club of B.C.

"Fairly examines a complicated but crucial debate in society... There is an answer."
Daily Herald Tribune, Kirsten Goruk

"This is a generously inquisitive film, made with an open mind and a fierce sense of commitment. It's these two qualities that combine to make its conclusion so powerfully convincing"
Vancouver International Film Festival

As well, the viewer reviews are really positive. Check these out!

IndiecanHandling distribution in Canada is IndieCan Entertainment Inc. Avi Federgreen is working hard and well getting the film out there. 

There have been paid public screenings across the North which we (and tons of local people) have attended. The Q&A sessions have been outstanding.

We have donated the film & our time to attend these, and the revenue generated at these screenings is donated to the local organizations devoted to spreading unbiased information on this crucial topic.

It's great to make a film people want to see. And yes, we worked hard & did our best. But we understand that what is bringing audiences to Peace Out is the growing sense that we need to get past the bickering and work together to find workable solutions to the energy challenges we all face.

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