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Peace Out
Peace Out: Adventures on the road to green energy - by Charles Wilkinson

Described as "With clarity, even handedness and a good deal of wit, Charles Wilkinson connects all of us all to this sweeping energy issue that is rapidly transforming our world."

The book follows the path taken in the multi award-winning film of the same name but spends way more time on the personal side. It's an engaging story for those still unsure of what to make of the energy/climate change debate. It's the story of an eye-opening road trip featuring real people, good guys, bad guys, monsters, white knights, torture, a cast of millions, conspiracy, lying liars, heroes, alcohol use, true love, and speeding tickets.

Buckle up!

In bookstores now.

The Working Director

In bookstores now, the 2nd edition popular book by Charles Wilkinson

The Working Director - by Charles Wilkinson

"The Working Director is instructive and enlightening, offering countless real-world tips on how to stay calm, cool and collected in one of the world's most stressful jobs. A must-read for anyone seriously considering a career as a director of film or television."
Pi Ware, Filmmakers Alliance

"Wilkinson covers every demanding, necessary detail of pre-production, casting, storyboarding, mixing, editing, and choice of music. Above all, he emphasizes a perfectionism that is evident in the meticulously organized approach he brings to a book that should prove highly beneficial for aspiring directors."
Publishers Weekly

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This inspiring and hopeful story set on the pristine Haida Gwaii archipelago shows how the distinct world view of this 14,000 year old society is co-mingling with an influx of progressive, modern urbanites to create a sustainable world that well may survive the formidable challenges of the 21st century.

Winter Screenings:

New York City, NY: Margaret Mead Film Festival, Oct 24th.

Kitchener, ON: Grand River Film Festival on Nov. 7th.

Bellingham, WA: The Pickford on Oct 28th.

Vancouver, BC: VanCity Theater Jan 15th — Jan 20th.

Vancouver, BC: The Rio Jan 23rd.

Toronto, ON: Bloor Hot Docs Cinema Jan 9th — Jan 20th.

Victoria, BC: Cinecenta Jan 10th — 12th.

Waterloo, ON: The Princess Cinema Dec 8th & 9th.

Ottawa, ON: The Mayfair Theater Jan 20th & 21st.

Winnipeg, MB: Bandwidth Theater Jan 29th Feb 4th

Whitehorse, YT: Yukon Film Society Feb 7th

Quebec: Wakefield International Film Festival Feb 13th & 14th.

Peterborough, ON: Reframe Film Festival Jan 31st.

Courtenay, BC: BC Film Festival Feb 6th, closing night film.

Australia: Transitions Film Festival Feb 18th

Powell River, BC: PR Film Festival Feb 20th

Calgary AB: Facebook Event Feb 24th

Haida Gwaii: Haida Gwaii Film Festival Mar 12th

Washington DC: The Smithsonian: DC Environmental Film Fest Mar 26th

Salt Spring Island, BC: SS Film Festival Mar TBA

Best Caandian Feature Documentary Award


Check out the trailer!

Audience reaction has been wonderful. And the reviews have been very kind.

"Revels in, supernatural-B.C. beauty… it's also remarkably astute"
POV Magazine

"a wonderful film about the environment that doesn't just talk about solutions, but shows people actually putting those ideas to good use."
Toronto Film Scene

"…spectacular, unforgettable"
Globe & Mail

"… needs to be seen by all Canadians"
The Extra Mile

"…a beautifully filmed portrait. Inspiring & moving"
One Movie, 5 Views

"Some of the most important environmental documentaries being made in the world include the work of director Charles Wilkinson"
The Film Corner

The Matinee

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