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Peace Out

Peace Out: Adventures on the road to green energy - by Charles Wilkinson

Described as "With clarity, even handedness and a good deal of wit, Charles Wilkinson connects all of us all to this sweeping energy issue that is rapidly transforming our world."

The book follows the path taken in the multi award-winning film of the same name but spends way more time on the personal side. It's an engaging story for those still unsure of what to make of the energy/climate change debate. It's the story of an eye-opening road trip featuring real people, good guys, bad guys, monsters, white knights, torture, a cast of millions, conspiracy, lying liars, heroes, alcohol use, true love, and speeding tickets.

Buckle up!

In bookstores now.


Vancouver, No Fixed Address

Tina & I are working on a new feature documentary film, again with brilliant executive producer Kevin Eastwood and with the wonderful team at Knowledge Network. Our past films have mostly all been about people in places and the homes they've created - in the slums, the oil and gas fields, the northern wilderness or the pristine waters of Haida Gwaii. This new film is about home as well. Home in the city - specifically Vancouver - often called one of the most liveable cities anywhere. Our film seeks to find out why that might be, what contributes to a good home and a sense of belonging and what erodes that. All of this within the context of the current housing situation.

We're following a wide range of fascinating people from the homeless to the very wealthy. We get to know recent arrivals, 3rd generation residents, academics, philosophers, politicians, developers, realtors, tent city occupants, communal living and tiny house advocates, a white collar crime specialist, a global economist, several Vancouverites worried about being pushed out, and a 1st nations elder who has some experience in that department.

The housing story is in the news every day in many cities around the world. Numerous opinions are voiced, many of them contradictory. As in our previous films like Down Here, Peace Out, Oil Sands Karaoke & Haida Gwaii: On The Edge Of The World, we're getting to know people who really understand the underlying issues. An intriguing picture is emerging. In the classic movie Chinatown - about a conspiracy in 1937 Los Angeles to manipulate the city's water supply - the antagonist played by John Huston tells protagonist Jack Nicholson: "You may think you know what you're dealing with but believe me, you don't." To Tina & I this Vancouver story has felt a bit like that. But one thing is becoming very clear. Just as we discovered on Haida Gwaii, when people love where they live they'll fight for it. The best cities in the world are that way because their citizens have worked and fought hard for the good things that make their cities vibrant, liveable, human places. In Vancouver the fight is clearly far from over.

We're working towards a Spring release.